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Situated on oceanfront Collins Avenue in the heart of Millionaire's Row, Fontainebleau Miami Beach is one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels on Miami Beach, Florida. Its iconic design is a spectacular blend of Miami’s glamorous golden era and stylish modern luxury. A revered Miami Beach landmark for more than half a century, Morris Lapidus’ emblematic curvilinear building sets a new standard for business and pleasure. 

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Welcome To CRC!

Melanie Courtright, Tim Hoskins, Brett Townsend, Scott Baker

Leading a Switch: A 3-Part Framework to Help You Change Things in Tough Times - Sponsored by Ipsos

Dan Heath
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Leading The Switch - A Special Workshop with Dan Heath (Invitation Only) - Sponsored by Ipsos

Dan Heath
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The Changing Consumer: How they transform organizations & open the door for insights to lead

Tamara Charm
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

Given a rapidly changing world – the COVID-19 pandemic, record-breaking inflation, and geopolitical instability among other external shocks – companies crave information about what moves the consumer will make next. Primary insights, especially when combined with detailed consumer behavior, are key to shaping decisions in the C-Suite.

• What recent consumer pivots have changed industries?
• What micro trends have the power to shape marketing tactics?

We’ll discuss these topics through the lens of the changing consumer – what has changed and what have companies done about it?
How can we as insights practitioners lead the conversation?

The Art & Practice of Creating the Hybrid Workplace

Anna Tavis
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Recording: Coming Soon

A dispersed workforce, greater transparency, social change, generational shifts and value chain disruptions are driving new behaviors and expectations from the employers. These trends are shaping the era of distributed and digitally enabled networks of workers where the work comes to workers instead of the workers going to work. Anna Tavis, the workplace experience expert, advocates for the adoption of human-centric practices as a critical and necessary criterion of adapting work and workplaces to the future of work. She outlines the four factors -- digitization of work, distributed workplaces, organizational redesign and changing demographics that drive the dramatic changes that are reshaping the way we work.

Warner Bros. Discovery: Disruption of Entertainment Markets, Business Models & 4 Generations

Liz Huszarik
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

How are Consumers feeling, behaving, and responding Post Covid….

Are habits adopted during the lockdown set in stone?
Or are they giving way to new habits, preferences, and expectations?

And how is this state of constant disruption impacting Entertainment Markets and business models?

And to make it all a bit more interesting… we are not only facing tectonic shifts due to Covid, but we also have four distinct generations with distinct expectations, values, needs, and wallets. How do we ensure we are connecting with these different consumers in terms of positioning products and day-to-day team management?

How do we navigate post-Covid and across 4 Distinct Generations, and what are the implications for our businesses?

National Geographic Case Study: Managing an Iconic Brand Using Text Analytics

Jessica Bates & Jared Feldman
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How does an iconic, 133-year-old brand navigate the modern, multi-media landscape? In the case of National Geographic, the answer lies in listening to their customers to understand how their brand promise is meeting the moment across television networks in 172 countries and publications in 41 languages. In this presentation, Canvs CEO Jared Feldman will be joined by Jessica Bates from National Geographic Media, a joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and the National Geographic Society, to discuss how the company uses text analytics to capture nuanced subscriber feedback and discover critical brand, consumer and content insights.

Zaxby’s: When Bigger Sample Size Isn’t Better

Breeanna Williams & Rachel Buss
Presentation slides
Recording: N/A

A lot of thought and expertise go into study design. Collecting the right data is critical. Only by asking the right questions can researchers do their job – uncovering insights to reduce the risk in making business decisions. The first step is selecting the best methodology, including sample size. Sample size is a key driver of project budgets. Quantitative methods are sometimes synonymous with big sample sizes. Too small a quantitative sample creates a risk of missing key differences. So, is there such a thing as too big? By periodically pausing to re-evaluate study data, researchers can optimize quantitative sample sizes. Curion and Zaxby’s recently completed statistical modeling to re-examine central location testing (CLT) data. Results from this collaboration confirmed Zaxby’s can reduce taste test sample sizes with little to no change in statistical outcome. This reduction is allowing the Zaxby’s insights team to minimize risk for the business while maximizing research ROI.

Trust in Market Research and What It Means for You

Lisa Wilding-Brown; Dave Rothstein; Andrew Cannon & Chris Grabarkiewicz-Davis
Presentation slides  |  GRBN Trust Report
Recording: Coming Soon

During this session you will hear, fresh off the press, the key findings from the GRBN 2022 Global Trust Survey, conducted in partnership with the Insights Association and other national associations across the globe. You will learn how trust in market research compares across countries and other types of organizations, and it has changed over the past few years.

A panel representing client, agency, and sample provider leaders will discuss the drivers of trust in market research and explain how said implications relate to you and your business.

At Reckitt - Influencer Impact: A Formula for Reimagining Your Consumer Path to Purchase

Daniel Jenski & Greg Mishkin
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Human beings are messy, emotional and complex creatures. Understanding the factors that influence why they choose brands is a high-stakes game for marketers; those who need to deliver the right message, to the right consumers at the moments that matter most.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you. If you know where to look.

The multinational consumer goods company Reckitt ventured to connect with parents about baby formula. While traditional Path-to-Purchase research and Marketing Mix models provide crucial information, they usually only focus on the touchpoints under the marketer’s control. In reality, numerous factors are outside the control of brand marketers that have significant influence on brand selection. Reckitt knew that uncovering how all these factors interacted with one another would provide a treasure trove of insights to apply to its marketing strategy.

Join Dan Jenski (Insights Director at Reckitt) and Greg Mishkin (Vice President at Escalent) who will share some of the “aha!” moments they experienced after applying Bayesian Belief Networks to Reckitt’s Path-to-Purchase research. The results revealed truths that were in plain sight and exposed new opportunities for Reckitt to influence consumer perceptions and behaviors.

• Learn why there is not a single influence path for all customers and how to identify the most significant paths for varying customer segments
• See a reimagined path-to-purchase model that exposes how touchpoints, customer need states, and brand equity attributes interact to influence brand selection
• Discover how to identify marketing gaps that can immediately alter your go-to-market strategy

At Nextdoor: Making the Unseen Visible and Actionable for Meaningful CX Change

Maryam Mohit & Ryan Stuart
Presentation slides
Recording: N/A

Organizations globally are struggling to create value from an ever-increasing volume of feedback shared by their users. It is an incredible challenge to sort and measure feedback at scale, in a way that facilitates meaningful change within large corporations. How is it possible to distill all of those voices into coherent and quantifiable insights that lead to prioritized action and positive commercial outcomes?

Maryam Mohit, Research Lead at Nextdoor (ex-Amazon) has been solving these exact problems for the growing social media platform. She and Kapiche Founder and CEO, Ryan Stuart, share how Nextdoor leverages feedback analytics to make meaningful change to their customer’s experience on the platform and amplify the customer voice through transparency and engagement across departments. By using a new breed of feedback analytics, Nextdoor demonstrates the power of leveraging unknown unknowns to level up your customer insights program.

American Express: The Operationalized Brand

Will Bordelon; Niels Neudecker & Rama Mallika
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

What is the purpose of Brand research? Kantar and the Boston Consulting Group investigated this with leading insights experts from P&G, Heineken, Samsung, Kellogg, and GSK. Companies seek to embed Brand metrics directly into operational decisions, such as 'Brand Premium' as part of calculations in dynamic pricing optimization tools. Embedding Brand into operational decisions could tie it more closely to value / ROI shifting from a monitoring tool (cost) to an input for growth. Will Bordelon, Chief Executive of Kantar North America, and Niels Neudecker, Brand Solution Lead at Kantar, will discuss with American Express specific use cases along a wide spectrum from creative planning enhancement, media channel brand tracking to brand premium-based pricing.

Ensuring Customer Centricity by Expanding the Research Toolkit

Roddy Knowles & Katie Hanson
Presentation slides
Recording: N/A

Many companies aspire to be customer-centric. However, going from aspiration to reality requires commitment and partnership across teams within an organization. And research teams are instrumental. But are they helping or hindering initiatives to keep customers at the heart of decision-making? It’s often a mixed bag.

To both talk the talk and walk the walk of being customer-centric, Best Egg fosters a culture of democratized access to research and actively encourages partnership across teams to better understand what their customers need. By expanding research tools beyond the traditional set, providing the right tools to the right teams, and actively encouraging experimentation, customers - and research - impact decisions both large and small.

Katie and Roddy share their experiences in fostering customer centricity and reflect on what works - as well as what doesn’t. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of:

• The impact that widespread participation in and access to research has had on Best Egg
• How insights teams can better collaborate with their innovation and product team colleagues
• What guardrails to put in place to create safe spaces for experimentation
• What you can do today to build a customer-centric culture

At McKee Foods - Drake’s: A New Look, Message and Consumer Target

Alison Poston
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

With the need to expand into a new consumer target, McKee realized that the Drake’s brand needed a refresh to better resonate with younger consumers. Strategic insights and strategy through innovative methods enabled them to develop new messaging, packaging and consumer targets that are delivering significant business impact.

Key Takeaways:
• How Mckee was able to identify a unique positioning in a crowded category
• Identifying new consumer targets through linguistic segmentation
• Using AI to facilitate qualitative at scale to optimize new packaging
• Year-over-year growth of the brand among the new targets

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work in Market Research

Matt Valle; Tron Smith; Julia Locklear & Marybeth Andrews
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

We continue with the enlightening and inspiring conversation Matt Valle hosted at IA's IDEA Forum in August...

Have you ever felt like you were holding part of yourself back at work? Have you been inspired by someone at work who doesn't hold themselves back, confident in everything that they are? Our panel explores the notion of bringing your whole self to work and making space for others to do the same. Based on lived experiences, we examine why it is important, individually and organizationally, to overcome barriers and what you can do tomorrow to foster belonging in your organization.

Consumer Insights & Social Intelligence: Missing the Nuances May Kill Your Marketing ROI

Ed Wang & Charles Amelin
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Vendor interaction with critical branded social media infrastructure can sometimes have unintended consequences that affect prominent social KPIs. Insight analysts must properly contextualize social KPIs that reflect actual consumer sentiment, trends, and behavior. In this session, Lionsgate analytics will discuss how their team was able to identify a series of quirks surrounding a particular Twitter campaign executed by a social marketing vendor, which created inaccurate measures of sentiment.

At Hormel Foods: Unlocking your best research - the value of reaching the right consumer

Heather Vossler & Bridget Allerton
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

Consumer Research can be invaluable, but the research is only as valuable as the consumers you are reaching. We will share how Hormel Foods and 84.51° partnered to understand growth by clearly identifying consumer groups to understand why they purchase Hormel products. Connecting with the right consumers enabled Hormel to gather precise, accurate insights that unlock agility in addressing business needs.

Key Takeaways:
• See the importance of connecting with actual shoppers who engage with your brand or category to ensure you are making the right decision for your business.
• Discover how you know if you’re connecting with shoppers who are consumers of your brand.
• Explore how high-quality research can debunk an in-going hypothesis.
• Understand the value of eliminating administrative work to unlock a new level of agile business decisions.

From Tech Start-Up to Publicly Traded: Teaching a company to use insights to make wise decisions

Michael Papishn & Linda Shea
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

In an increasingly dynamic and noisy world, how can you keep pace and stand out to achieve long-term business success?

In this fireside chat, you'll learn from Michael Papish of industrial 3D printing company Markforged about their journey from an MIT startup in a garage to a public company. Based on a long-term master strategic plan, hear about how the company has been learning to utilize formalized data and insights as it transitions from founder-led intuition to an organized decision-making framework. If your goal is to elevate the power of fact-based knowledge to inform business strategy and tactics – this is a session that should not be missed.

Join Markforged and Big Village as they discuss how a progressive Marketing team is helping its business seize tremendous opportunity in the Additive Manufacturing space.

Case Study: Unilever & Walmart

Leslie Lewis & Jennifer Maxwell
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Walmart Data Ventures and Unilever will present proprietary research that is being used to guide the development of a unified hair care aisle, at scale. The session will explore consumer behavior and sentiment surrounding this unification, as validated by quantitative and qualitative research, in addition to

Roundtable Discussions - Corporate Researchers ONLY

Join your peers for facilitated discussions on topics critical to your projects, your departments, and your brand.

Roundtable Discussions - Insights Agencies Only

Join your peers for facilitated discussions on topics critical to your projects and business.

Welcome & Awards

Melanie Courtright; Scott Baker & Tim Hoskins
Including the WIRe MRX Diversity Champion Awards

The Future of Creative Strategy - Sponsored by Aspen Finn

Rakia Reynolds
Presentation slides: N/A Information Sheet
Recording: N/A

CMO Conversation: April Anslinger, Self Esteem Brands

April Anslinger
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

What are the most vexing challenges for today's CMO? How is this role evolving? How can consumer insights best serve this critical stakeholder?

Driving Next Generation RV Design with AMS & Winnebago

Nick Davis; Patty Yanes & Rachael Settipani
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Join us to learn how Winnebago and AMS used several unconventional techniques, including Machine Learning and AI to gain important insights to inform innovative, new RV designs that utilize advanced technology. During this presentation we will demonstrate how we utilized opportunistic research occasions and existing data from both internal and external sources, such as social media and call center records, to take a systematic approach to gathering customer needs. We’ll share also how machine learning offered critical, game-changing new insights to develop the next generation of advanced RVs.
10:00 am - 10:30 am

Campari Case Study: Leveraging Cultural Fluency to Engage Diverse America

David Evans & John Mutterperl
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

Marketing and insights leaders face increasing pressure to translate the rapid cultural transformation underway in the U.S. marketplace into high-ROI action steps for brands. Cultural Fluency is emerging as a new marketing mandate and can no longer be understood as a sideshow to the main act of “mainstream marketing.” Cultural Fluency helps insights and marketing professionals take mainstream marketing to a new level, by enabling authentic connection to diverse consumer segments while appealing to core human truths that matter to everyone.

In partnership with Collage Group, Campari has undertaken a major effort to authentically engage America’s diverse consumers, beginning with an assessment of brand performance using the Collage CultureRate brand measurement process. In this session featuring a Campari case study, you’ll learn how and why a leading, international brand has undertaken a long-term investment in Cultural Fluency.

Attendees will walk away with insights into:

The Cultural Fluency Imperative: David Evans, Collage Group

• The “why” behind Cultural Fluency
• How Collage Group is measuring impact through CultureRate– the largest database of its kind, growing annually by over 200,000 responses or 30 million unique datapoints

Campari’s Journey to Cultural Fluency: John Mutterperl, Campari
• Investing in a long-term roadmap to engage diverse consumers
• Establishing a baseline, identifying strengths and opportunities, and mapping a course
• Examples of insights in action

At Edelman Financial Engines: Tracking Investor Intent in Turbulent Times

Thomas Fandrich& Kjersti Hanneman
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Quality “Family” Feud: Play the Game. Win More Work!

Juliana Wood; Brett Townsend; Alexandrine de Montera & Dyna Boen
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

It’s Brands vs. Researchers in one of America’s most popular game shows! Discover how certification to ISO 20252 can help solve the most vexing quality concerns for market researchers when attracting brands/clients. And, how it can unstick the sticking points that delay projects and increase costs unlocking hidden value and opening the door to new business. Surveys say you’ll learn it all when this high-stakes game unfolds!

How Ford & Chanel Improve the Quality of Their Research in Real-Time

Zen Ahmed
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

As data leaders, we're always looking for ways to improve the quality of our insights — whether through minimizing bias or increasing the depth of our research. But, more often than we’d like to admit, incremental improvements in our processes become confined by time and resources.
As a result, we’ll need to get more innovative with our optimization tactics to thwart those ever-present challenges and accelerate our path to quality insights.
Join Zen Ahmed to take a deep dive into real-life case studies on how notable brands like Ford and Chanel enhance the quality of their research in real-time. You’ll also learn practical strategies to expedite your analysis and development of valuable insights by using complementary market and consumer data.

What You’ll Learn:

1. How to identify key audience attributes for successful product and campaign launches
2. How to enhance your research and reduce the impact of unsolicited feedback and bias
3. How to leverage key emerging social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels to generate powerful insights

Made to Order: How Chick-fil-A Serves Insights for Impact

Kristi Brown & Brandon Beeken
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Stakeholder needs aren’t one-size-fits-all, and Customer & Market Insights resources aren’t infinite – so how can you ensure that relevant insights are continuously shared with the right people at the right time in the right format?

In this case study presentation, Kristi Brown will discuss Chick-fil-A's strategic approach to knowledge sharing that keeps stakeholders across the organization informed and engaged.

Join this session to learn more about:
● How to tailor insights communication to your internal audiences
● How to shift from reactive to proactive insights sharing
● How the right knowledge management platform supports sustainable behavior change

Valvoline: Illuminating Unified Brand Values among Distinct Consumer Cohorts

Anulet Jones
Presentation slides
Recording: N/A

Understanding a brand’s value is important in setting brand and creative strategies for the organization at large. How does one establish a sense of shared brand values with so many factors to consider? Join Valvoline as we bring forth an approach to solve this brand challenge in the automotive space blending consumer psychology with traditional research methods.

Key Takeaways:
• Learn how Valvoline unlocked brand values across diverse customer audiences, as well as tips for how your brand might do the same.
• Hear how Valvoline leveraged social-science based customer insights to inform strategic decisions around how to integrate versus separate key parts of its brand and business.
• Gain insights on your customers' identity and how to make strategic brand decisions based on that knowledge.

Creating Value Through Purpose

Matt Carmichael; Alice Yu & Westin Grabow
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

Purpose in the future will be about more than taking a stand on issues, it will be about creating value in the communities your brands serve. But how do you do that, especially as a global company with a portfolio of brands like Diageo (Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Ciroc, etc.) or Tapestry (Kate Spade, Coach, Stuart Weitzman). This panel will discuss key issues and tensions brands face today that will shape their efforts tomorrow including:

- How do you develop a portfolio of purpose?

- How do you drive value locally?

- How are changing ideals around sustainability impacting how you do business?

- How do you decide when to take a stand on an issue?

- Can a brand be everything to everyone without creating a backlash?

- How do all of these issues play out in different markets

- How do all of these issues play out across different generations and demographics

Great Insights + Co-Creation = Brand Magic

Ivey Crespo & Tim Twichell
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Well-designed market research can identify actionable insights and innovation areas. But what’s next? Creative thinking can sometimes hit us out of the blue, but it doesn't have to be an occurrence of luck, it can be designed. Vital Findings has created a powerful formula that takes the right inputs with a proven creativity process to unlock inspiration and drive teams to develop new, tangible ideas. Learn how Deckers and HOKA used this winning formula to bring runners and product designers together to elevate design and performance of their next-generation running shoe.
In this session you’ll learn tips for how to:

1. Ensure your research uncovers great insights that inspire creative thinking
2. Prepare stakeholders to co-create with consumers
3. Cultivate tangible ideas and concepts in your co-creation

At Spotify: Thinly Sliced - Cutting the Data Right for Tasty Insights

Chandler Mercer & Edward Staples
Presentation slides
Recording: N/A

Obliterate “Green” Stereotypes: How the generations really think, feel & act around sustainability

Eric Wagatha; Bridget Hanrahan; Kerry Sette & Charles Snellings
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

The generational stereotypes around sustainability are straight out of central casting – Gen Z’ers protest over climate change, while Baby Boomers line up to buy gas-guzzling SUVs and Millennials trade recycling tips over Starbucks lattes. How do today’s generations really think, feel and act when it comes to the environment? As the Earth heats up and the economy cools down, is it time to revisit our assumptions about these archetypes of culture and marketing? Join GfK for a down-to-earth discussion with marketers and researchers who represent today’s key generations – revealing firsthand whether Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers will ever see eye to eye on a host of sustainability issues, from electric vehicles to the circular economy.

From Synchrony Financial - Help Your Organization Understand and Leverage Generational Insights

Sheila Dreyer Van Buskirk & Lori Vellucci
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

The dynamics of the market are consistently changing and evolving. Now more than ever it’s imperative to understand your target audience in order to provide them with the right product at the right time, and more importantly for the right cost. Generational influence can dictate consumer purchasing behavior. Learn the importance of understanding how you can leverage generational insights to drive your business forward.

Is Your Online Data Quality Strategy Sustainable?

Jason Thomas; Arianne Larimer; Brad Franz & Thania Farrar
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Corporate researchers and insights users are consistently juggling the impact of budgets, timing, and access to quality respondents as they design research initiatives. Added to these challenges is ensuring the quality of insights that companies depend on to grow. Join us as we lead a conversation with three representatives - a sample buyer, an online panel provider, and a marketplace supplier - offering distinct perspectives on how a variety of purchasing considerations directly impact the quality and reliability of research.

Our panelists will share firsthand experiences on how buying considerations can impact data collection deliverables, explore considerations and offer recommendations for corporate researchers regarding the importance of online data collection design and its impact on data quality.

Recruiting from Social Media and Non-traditional Sample Sources

Sam Pisani & Chris Connolly
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

Panel sample is the lifeblood of the market research industry. But as the information age continues to evolve, is it possible that MR companies are too reliant upon panelists?

At Logit, we’re constantly exploring new and innovative avenues of research execution, and looking to untapped sources of insights, including social media and other non-traditional sample sources.

In this session, we’ll share some of our findings and how these sources can augment and boost underrepresented or harder-to-reach audiences.

3 Takeaways
1. It is imperative in cases where studies require the input of “off-the-grid” sources to supplement by targeting via other sample sources, like social media.
2. These blended methodologies offer probability-based accuracy and representation at near convenience sample costs
3. A reliance on data capture from multiple channels assists with the removal of bias

Bye, Bye, Black Box: How Grammarly Changed Their Creative Testing

Jennifer Klein & Monica Voss
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Do you struggle with control and data quality in your creative testing process?
Does your team need more visibility into projects and data sources?

Join Jennifer Klein and Monica Voss as they discuss how Grammarly used creative testing to save a pivotal ad campaign. Learn how the Grammarly research team took control of its creative testing and unlocked quality B2B data, leading to informed and innovative decisions for a pivotal media campaign.

How Pernod Ricard is Using AI-powered Research to Fuel Deeper Understanding of Trends and Consumers

Lynette Callender-Easby & Joyce Yan
Presentation slides
Recording: N/A

Get in the Game: How to Level Up Your Business with Gaming, Esports, and the Future of Technology

Jonathan Stringfield
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

CI: The Next Generation

Brett Townsend; Kiyoung Ye; Lindsay Stecklein; Nadia Nguyen & Leah Tholen
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

In this discussion, we’ll talk to young professionals in the CI industry to get their POV on where we are, how we can improve, their impressions of the industry, and what they’ve learned that can help us all.

That Day Which Never Comes: The future as a tool to understand the present

Renato Verdugo
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

To make a long story short
We’re being left only with the future:
I make a toast
For that day which never comes
But is the only thing
Really left in our control.

—From ‘The Final Toast’ by Nicanor Parra.
Translation by David Unger.

The future is a space of infinite possibility. Optimism and pessimism coexist in the anxious uncertainty of that page that is yet to be written. It’s human nature to want to read ahead. How many hours have we spent attempting to predict the future? How many times have we gotten it horrendously wrong? Is it pointless to spend 3 days in a conference where much of what will be said about the future will be, in hindsight, hilariously off?

I’d like to propose a change in how we think about predicting the future. It never has been about getting it right. Imagining that day which never comes is a path to better understand ourselves, today. From The Jetsons’ flying cars, to the speculative design practices of today, the future has always been a mirror back to our present.

NYC Excursions - Choose Your Adventure! - Sponsored by CMB and L&E Research

9:05 am - 9:45 am

Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and Source of Happiness - Sponsored by OvationMR

Paul Zak
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: Coming Soon

Everyone knows that neuromarketing studies are slow, expensive, and often
of dubious value. Actually, not anymore. Real-time neuroscience is now out of the lab
and has been optimized to predict outcomes. This approach, known as "brain as predictor," allows anyone to measure what the brain values in any place people are doing interesting things.

This talk will share insights gleaned from 50,000 brain measurements and discuss how new neuroscience technologies, often paired with machine learning, are
rapidly changing the Insights landscape. There will also be a live demo of a real-time
neuroscience platform.

Key Takeaways:
• Wearable technologies and cloud computing allow the measurement of neural
activity in real time
• Wholistic brain measurements predict market outcomes with 83-98% accuracy by
capturing objective responses to messages and experiences
• These technologies are being used in market research, CX and UX studies, and
the continuous monitoring of consumer

Exclusive IDEA Council Research: How to Ask Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Keyona Osborne; Kayte Hamilton; Angel Bellon; Frankie Lipinski; Anne Miller & Anna Rossi
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

An interactive forum led by the IDEA Council that will address the complexities of researching Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation. In this session we will hear from experts who research LGBTQ+ communities, study behaviors and attitudes of diverse populations. Your feedback and ideas are welcome and essential! The IDEA Council is all ears as it prepares to deliver high-impact research on how to ask demographic questions about Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.

Return on Insights: How to translate research into revenue throughout the marketing journey

Brett Steiger
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

We'll dive into the short- and long-term impact that research and insights have on business performance, and how you can ensure your executives and/or clients understand the tangible value that research will bring to your business.

Sample Quality - What We're Doing To Improve It

Bonnie Breslauer; Katrina Noelle; Kerry Hecht; Anouar El Haji; Vignesh Krishnan; Jamie Lussier; Brad Franz &Leib Litman
Presentation slides
Recording: Coming Soon

Improving sample and data quality begins with awareness, education, and access to available resources. Join IA's Data Integrity Initiative Council for the unveiling of an industry toolkit that will build awareness of the importance of data quality by educating suppliers and end users and simplifying access to important industry and public policy data quality resources.

How Salesforce Delivers Pitch-perfect Messaging for Dreamforce

Michelle Mere & Sascha Eder
Presentation slides
Recording: N/A

How do you design messaging for the world’s most beloved tech conference? With visionary keynote speakers, the 20th year of Dreamforce required deep insights to craft relevant experiences across a complex and diverse customer base. Michelle Mere, Salesforce Senior Director of Customer & Market Insights, and NewtonX CEO Sascha Eder share what they’ve learned from listening to niche audiences at scale — and how it enables better decision-making.

Join us to:
• Learn how Salesforce, a leader in CRM and cloud software, uses B2B research to guide go-to-market strategy for the world’s leading software conference
• Understand how to translate the voice of the customer, prospect, and market into actionable, nuanced insights for messaging
• Explore how Custom Recruiting, a new research methodology, delivers deep insights at scale
11:50 am - 12:15 pm

Getting to the “Why” in Your Insights: Blending NPS and Qualitative Research

Carrie Dalos & Tracy Saathoff
Presentation slides: N/A
Recording: N/A

Stakeholders across the healthcare industry are working hard toward improving the consumer experience. Optum Health is broadening its experience insights by not only measuring consumers' relationship NPS (likelihood to recommend) but by asking why consumers feel the way they do. This blend of qualitative research with traditional NPS experience measurement is elevating the understanding of the customer experience. Carrie Dalos and Tracy Saathoff, research consultants at Optum, will share how they worked with Optum Health business partners to create and utilize this hybrid research. They will provide details on how research is positioned within their organization and the early impact the enhanced insights are having on the organization. Join us as they share best practices that you can utilize in your consumer experience measurement program.

Building A House on the Solid Foundation of Diversity & Inclusion

Lori Kaplan; Michelle Auguste & Darius Kemp
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Recording: Coming Soon

Diversity and Inclusion in Research requires an inside and an outside approach. “Inside the house” is the foundation, the people you work with, and the people you work for. “Outside the house” is the community and the consumer base we hope to serve. This panel brings together 3 senior industry veterans to reflect on their respective journeys. Hear them talk about the paths they paved to seeing themselves represented across their professional purviews (internally and externally) and what they did to drive diverse and inclusive lenses in hiring, career plans, and in research. And, importantly, hear about their successes and failures and how you can apply those learnings.

We Better Behave! Accelerating Change Toward Less Resource-Intensive Lifestyles

Xavier Vaissière & Anders Bengtsson
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In this fireside chat, Xavier Vaissière of Colgate-Palmolive sits down in a fireside chat with Protobrand founder Anders Bengtsson to discuss the future of sustainability. Our home planet is in bad shape, and we are rapidly approaching irreversible tipping points. To ensure that climate change is not spiraling out of control, we need to accelerate change toward a more sustainable future. According to the IPCC report, a social mandate for less resource-intensive lifestyles is needed. We’ll discuss what insights professionals can do to drive change and enable brands to take the lead as cultural authorities and lead the way toward a sustainable future.

We Better Behave! Insights to Accelerate a More Sustainable Future

Lumeng Jin; Cherie Leonard; Pamela Harrison; Owen Jenkins & Michele McCorry
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Over the past year the 'We Better Behave!' sustainability initiative has hit the road speaking with insights professionals around the globe. We all know how important sustainable initiatives are but have heard how hard it is to make real progress. There is a way to overcome the barriers. In this session, our panelists will discuss how the insights team can affect change internally and externally to achieve sustainability goals faster to make a better tomorrow for brands and consumers.

The Future of Health Tech

Cait Wilson & Rob Volpe
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The health tech industry is booming, especially after the pandemic brought health and wellness to the forefront for many. From wearables to connected fitness, health tech is constantly evolving with cutting-edge innovations.

Our discussion will cover:
• Innovative products that help consumers take their health to the next level
• Digital transformation – how companies are leveraging health tech to improve employees' wellbeing
• How strategic partnerships can magnify reach
• Technological advancements in women’s health
• The role of insights in innovation and data-driven decision making