AI Ignite Event Schedule
Hoboken, NJ | October 17


We'll Address These Topics & More:

  • Identifying and mitigating bias
  • Efficacy of Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Leveraging AI in research for improved productivity
  • Enhancing data quality with AI (fraud detection, revised survey methods, etc.)
  • Using AI for richer insights in survey research (AI coding, probing, etc.)
  • Balancing automation and human touch in MR
  • Understanding different AI models and their applications

A portion of the program will feature 2 tracks so that you may optimize learning in your areas of interest. 

"Use It" Track

  • Determining needs/best fit
  • Using AI productively across the research process: study prep, data collection, analysis, reporting, data integration
  • Prompting tips & tricks
  • Advice for vetting provider tools & platforms

"Build It" Track

  • Establishing the business case for AI
  • Mapping out your development plan
  • Understanding LLMs, other models, and how they work
  • Identifying and mitigating bias

Learn from peers with common goals and experts eager to help you achieve them.