NEXT: Advancing Insights Through Innovation & Research

May 9-10, 2017

New York, NY

What’s NEXT?

An unprecedented mash-up of peer-reviewed research-on-research, innovation in action and a curated presentation of what’s next to influence and disrupt our industry.

To be successful in today's research industry, you need to be a researcher, a technologist and a futurist. We have taken the foundational research elements of the CASRO Digital Research Conference brought forward our experience with the CASRO Tech Conference and MRA's ISC and added in a focus on the future of research. You’ll also notice more participation from client researchers and a larger, more diverse attendee list.

Who Should Attend?

Client and supplier research practitioners charged with efficiently managing research of high integrity; exploring, testing and deploying innovative methodologies; and maintaining a keen awareness of emerging and future trends.  

Fresh content will be served in three tracks:

The Here & Now – Improving Quality & Efficiency in Research

We’ll hear about practical, ready-to-implement procedures that improve data collection and analysis as well as processes that enhance productivity and reduce error and cost.

Mastering The New – Innovation in Action

We’ll delve into influential technologies and techniques to understand how to optimize their potential.

Discover – What’s Over the Horizon and Next to Disrupt

We’ll explore concepts just entering the data analytics/business intelligence space and reach beyond the world of market research to learn of emerging technologies transforming other industries.

For the above tracks, these topics and others will be featured:
Automation; Passive Measurement; Privacy Issues; Reducing Survey Error; Mobile/Multiscreen; IoT/Wearables; Facial Coding; Geolocation; Social Media; Gamification; Data Fusion; Digital Qual; Data Visualization; AI & Machine Learning; Speech-to-Text, and much more.

There are many ways to participate in this event!

1. Present Your Research
2. Client Case Studies & Demonstrations of Innovative Technologies, Techniques & Solutions
3. Take a Swim in the Shark Tank

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