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General Rules Regarding Use of the Insights Association Logo

  1. Use of the Insights Association logo is permitted solely to identify an organization as an Insights Association member.
  2. The Insights Association logo must be reproduced from artwork supplied by the Insights Association. To protect the integrity of the logo, this artwork may not be altered.
  3. Current Insights Association company members may use the Insights Association logo in the following ways:
    • In the member’s office (e.g., displayed on windows, doors, interior and exterior signs and other appropriate locations).
    • On stationery such as letterhead, envelopes and business cards. 
    • In advertisements, promotional materials, trade show displays, websites, email, and publications relevant to their membership in the Insights Association.
  4. Use of logo/logotype must include “Member” as shown above. 
  5. The Insights Association logo may not be used in any manner that conveys or implies the association's endorsement, sponsorship or approval of a member's specific programs, activities, products or services. The Insights Association logo should always be separate and distinct from other marks and copy.
  6. There must be at least .25 inch or 15 pixels of clear space between the Insights Association logo and other text or images.
  7. The member company logo should be the primary identity when used in conjunction with the Insights Association logo. The Insights Association logo should never appear larger than the member logo.
  8. The Insights Association logo should not be scaled out of proportion.

Additional Terms of Use

Each company member who uses the Insights Association logo agrees that upon 30 days written notice from the Insights Association, it will discontinue any use of the logo that the association, within its sole discretion, determines to be a violation of its rights regarding the logo. If at any time an organization ceases to be a member, it will immediately discontinue any use of the logo.